Where to Play Backgammon Online

Backgammon online came into existence on the year 1994 It's been fourteen years now since the first Backgammon web site was created and introduced in the internet. The great accessibility of this online gaming gave rise to the popularity of Backgammon online.

However, playing backgammon online is not just the ordinary internet game. It requires some skills and techniques to be on top of this game. First of all, one has to know a lot of information about online backgammon. These can be obtained thru internet free of charge. The basic rules are being discussed there clearly and with ease so as to guide players such as the new ones.

For beginners, you can start downloading free software of online backgammon programs. As these programs are usually light and easy to win , you can have a quite good practice of your skills. One has to have patience and determination, especially if this Game is new to you. Soon you will be able to beat the odds in the first program of online backgammon and you can move to the next level

Moving to the advance level of backgammon online, you can download 'jellyfish" a free first rate software of backgammon. Search for "Jellyfish Light" at the download page.This time the series are different from the beginner's software as the games are more difficult and challenging.

In this type of online backgammon program, some features are not used, but the players' capacity is still the same. Good news is that you may be able to defeat expert backgammon players if you are able to reach the highest level in this online backgammon. AS you advanced your playing skills, you may buy other versions of backgammon to have access to some of the immobilized features.

The "Jellyfish" program finally will motivate you to play with real opponents thru the internet. Having gone to the highest level and won the series, you are now ready to meet individuals to test your skills in actual battle. That is the internet backgammon.

In the internet, one can choose to play with the computer or with real individuals around the world. There are a lot of options by which you can play this game. You can join in a group, play in tournament, or for cash prizes, or even play for ranking. Backgammon games are being featured in some famous websites such as the MSN and YAHOO GAMES. You can also choose the type of play you want. It can be under rated, standard or short play.

Yahoo Games also offer a variety of online backgammon. One can choose from among the many rooms, with names such as 'veteran vortex'. In this online backgammon game, games are in the beginner's level and the advance level.