• Backgammon Strategies: to Double or Gammon?
    One of the dilemmas that new Backgammon players will have to face is deciding whether to offer the doubling cube or play on to try and win the gammon. By understanding the situation and circumstances in a Backgammon game, the easier your decision making will be.

  • Best Backgammon Dice Cup: Ribbed and Lipped
    The random roll is the key to ensuring a fair game of backgammon. That's why a dice cup is used to reasonably reduce the risk of controlled and rigged rolls while playing the game. See how the features of both the ribbed cup and lipped cup encompass all the qualities of the best backgammon dice cup and randomizer in running a fair match.

  • Important Pip Counting Methods in Backgammon
    Winning in backgammon is difficult so players need to be strategic when they play it in formal set-ups. One way of assessing their chances in the game is by applying several pip counting methods. Novices should first study the most common pip counting methods, the center point block method and the comparison method.

  • Knowing Backgammon Before Playing the Game
    Backgammon is now becoming a favorite online game . With this kind of game,certain rules are set to enjoy playing .

  • Moving Backgammon Checkers Quick Reference
    Moving checkers in backgammon is really very easy. Moving a checker, where to land it, and how to use the dice results are all pretty basic and can be learned after a few backgammon games.

  • Origins of Backgammon in History
    Backgammon is an ancient game that could be traced back in its earliest form to 3500 BC. It has gone through many variations and name changes through the ages, with contributions from many cultures and countries. The backgammon we enjoy today is truly a heritageof the world.

  • Some Evidence That Backgammon Originated in Iran
    Many historians believed that backgammon originated in Mesopotamia, an ancient city now known as Iraq. However, evidence was unearthed by archaeologists which showed that the game might have originated in Iran.

  • Spot the Difference Between Backgammon and Checkers
    Whoever said that Backgammon and Checkers are alike or even the same was very wrong. There are many differences between Backgammon and Checkers and each game has its special game play that will make you see the real difference.

  • The 8/2 6/2 Backgammon Opening Play
    Backgammon experts now see the 8/2 6/2 opening play quite differently. Previously labeled as the novice point, the 8/2 6/2 opening play has gained favor in the eyes of experienced players of today with the help of computer technology.

  • The Rules of Doubling Cube
    Different rules apply to Doubling cube, which is proficient to every strategy of backgammon. Manifesting each of these rules would instruct which is applicable to every type of game. Knowing these rules increase a player's chance of winning backgammon.

  • Three Reasons to Play Backgammon Online
    Internet users know the ease and accessibility of going online and many of them are backgammon players who have been enjoying these advantages as well. If you haven't been won over by the positive aspects of playing online backgammon, it's always good to have these rationales broken down for your convenience. See three reasons to play backgammon online and how they cover the comforts of observing legal plays, doubling cube protection, and availability of opponents anytime you want to get a game underway.

  • Where to Play Backgammon Online
    Backgammon online gives much excitement and appeal to online players nowadays. This is mostly because it is more flexible and allows people to face off with varied types of players.

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