Spot the Difference Between Backgammon and Checkers

Throughout decades people have never noticed yet cared about the difference between Backgammon and Checkers. Most people simply think that both are one and the same and thus are astonished upon realizing, that they do not know what to do once they are confronted with a Backgammon board. In order to clear the cloud of indifference completely, we will spot and define the differences between Backgammon and Checkers.

Upon examining both games, it becomes clear to one as for the reason that people think they are one and the same; they both use checkers in their game as a means of competing against each other. Aside from the checkers, there is nothing similar and the differences grow wider and wider each time you look at the two games. Both checkers and Backgammon for instance have a different history. Backgammon had different heritages and predecessors, on the list are countries such as Egypt, ancient China, Mesopotamia and Persia. Checkers on the other hand established itself in the 16th century, but is said to have its origins on ancient Egypt as a form of checker board.

The way both games are played is also fundamentally different from each other. The goal in Backgammon is to bring your checkers back to your home base and then sort of evacuate them from your home base. The first with no checkers left on the Backgammon board wins the game. In Checkers, the checker figures have to move to the end of the plaid board in order to become a queen which means that that checker piece can move anywhere on the board. The only way of moving in checkers is straight ahead and when you can diagonally jump over the opponents' checker which will kick the opponents' checker out of the game.

Having established the different game play of Checkers and Backgammon, we can now go to the last fundamental difference, which is the equipment and set up. Backgammon consists of a Backgammon board which has long triangles on it. These are called points and establish the points or bases of the game's checkers. The Backgammon set also has two dice and dice cups where the dice are being shaken. Checkers has squared board that is plaid. The colors of the plaid may vary but are usually red and black. Checkers I played with small checkers that all fit on the little squares of the plaid board.

We have now spotted the fundamental differences between Backgammon and Checkers in their history, game play and in their equipment and set up and now we can truly say that the cloud of indifference as to which game is which has been lifted.