Knowing Backgammon Before Playing the Game

One of the online games that is gaining popularity worldwide is the backgammon. To enjoy this online game more, you must clearly understand the rules of backgammon game. Backgammon rules are exactly the same as with that of the real game and the game of backgammon in the internet.

Here are the rules of backgammon.

In this type of game there two players competing with each other. The rinciple of the game is to take out ther checkers from their territory on the board. The first player to do so, wins the game.

The Backgammon Board The backgammon board is composed of 24 triangles called "points". The points have two colors. This is done just to aid players to clearly see the movements of his pieces and it doesn't affect the game in anyway. However the backgammon board is divided into four smaller boards.These boards are called he "home boards" and the "outer boards". A "bar" separates the board running in the middle.

Each player has 15 checkers in his possession. The checkers may either be red or white. Every point on the backgammon board corresponds to a different number for each player. Each backgammon player will number the points at his home.Located on the lower right side of the board is theis the first point of the white player.The twenty four point of the red player is also located there. In the backgammon rules , it uses two rehgular dice with 6 sides and a "doubling cube" that is being numbered 2,4,8,16,32, and 64. These are only used in higher stakes.

The backgammon rules in starting the game; To start with , every player throws a dice. The player who got the highest number on the dice will be the first to move. If however, both players are tied with the result in the dice, they will again throw the dice. After completing the first turn, each playr then throw two dice on alternating turns.

The backgammon rules- Moving the Checkers The result in the dice will determine the movement of the checkers. The roll will dictate how many points ("pips") a checker has to move. Backgammon rules require the checkers to move counter clockwise.

The backgammon rules of movement The Backgammon rules do not allow the movement of a checker to a point which is not "free/ open". A 'free" point means that that point doesn't have more than 1 opponent's checker.

So, we see the different rules of backgammon and these rules will guide you to enjoy playing this online game.