Important Pip Counting Methods in Backgammon

A thrilling, inviting and challenging board casino game, backgammon improves players' mental skills and teaches them to be strategic. In this board game, tactics and strategies are important to players' success. It is also necessary that players are diligent and patient in studying the different mechanics of backgammon since its rules are more complicated than other board games.

One of the elements of backgammon that players should know before playing it in formal set-ups is pip counting. Pip counting enables players to assess and predict their wining chances in the game. In addition, it is also advantageous to them if they know the effective methods in pip counting. To guide novices who want to excel in backgammon, this article discusses the basic pip counting methods.

The Center Point Block Method

The center point block method is the most common pip counting method that backgammon players use. However, this method is only suitable in circumstances when players have a block that contains particular numbers of checkers. For example, if a player has a block that comprises six checkers that occupy three-point, four-point acts as the middle point in this case. Hence, by multiplying the middle point with the number of checkers in three-point block, players can get the actual pip count.

The Comparison Method

By using this method, players can assess their advantages over other players. To successfully employ this method, players need to compare the number of their pips with the number of the pips of their opponents. Players commonly use the comparison method in long-drawn online backgammon games use this method to determine who have more chances of winning.

To do this pip counting method, players need to determine the number of points both players' checkers occupy. Afterwards they need to subtract the number of checkers that they have on their home board with the number of opposing checkers in the other side of the board. As soon as players get the difference between the numbers of players' checkers in home boards, they have to multiply it with the point gap the checkers occupy. Lastly, it is important to tabulate all results you computed to get the exact pip count gap.

Understanding the center point block method and the comparison method allows players to assess their edges in the game. These methods also help players prepare for end games and predict their odds. By effectively using these methods, it is possible that players employ strong strategies in the game that will help them beat their opponents.