Best Backgammon Dice Cup: Ribbed and Lipped

The random roll of the dice is an essential factor in running a fair game of backgammon. That's why dice are shaken inside a dice cup to generate arbitrary numbers. These cups are tools that are fittingly regarded as backgammon randomizers because they are built to function as an object that disconnects one's hand (therefore, one's control) from actually shaking and casting the dice. But not all dice cups offered today can do the job of producing arbitrary numbers from dice rolls. So, what is the best backgammon dice cup to use for that ideal random roll?

There are two words that describe the best dice cup in backgammon. These are ribbed and lipped. While individual ribbed cups and individual lipped cups are also available, the best dice cup has both of these features. The finest cup for backgammon has a ribbed interior and a lip around the inside of its opening. These features have been proven to generate random numbers at the cast of the dice. They also ensure that the controlled or rigged dice throws are relatively avoided.

If we consider the functions of a ribbed cup and lipped cup separately, we'll see that a ribbed cup guarantees that dice are properly shaken because it will tumble multiple times against the ridges inside. Lipped cups, on the other hand, actually trip the dice as they're ejected and thrown from the cup that's why they're otherwise known as tripped cups. Consequently, a cup that incorporates both of these qualities is a fine backgammon randomizer indeed.

And since we are considering the best cup for backgammon, it is also good to look at dice cups that are cushioned. This is especially convenient keep the rattling sound down to a minimum particularly with ribbed cups since we are obliged to vigorously shake it to really rattle the dice inside.

The best backgammon dice cup should be able to deter dice mechanics or cheats from controlling dice rolls in addition to fundamentally generating a random roll. So, in keeping with the best backgammon dice cup, we must also use precision dice to truly produce random rolls. While a ribbed cup and a lipped cup are good tools to use, the best dice cup has both of their features - ribbed and lipped. It's because dice should be satisfactorily tumbled inside and then tripped as they're thrown out of the cup to ensure arbitrary rolls in backgammon.